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North Coast Injury Management (NCIM) is a SIRA Accredited Workplace Rehabilitation Provider. Our office is located in the Grafton CBD,

and we service the wider NSW North Coast region.  


NCIM specialises in early, safe and durable return to work programs for injured workers, employers and insurers. We also deliver one-off assessments and provide claims management for medically intensive injured workers. 


NCIM is a provider of Case Management services for the Lifetime Care and Support, Workers Care and CTP Care Schemes. 


If you are an injured worker, employer or insurer, or a participant in one of the lifetime schemes, and would like further information on our services or how we may be able to assist you, please feel free to contact us.​

Why choose us


NCIM is locally owned and operated by highly experienced, ethical and qualified staff that care. We have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the region. Our return to work programs are personalised, realistic and achievable. We have trusted relationships with local medical and health practitioners. We are consistently accessible, responsive and available to our clients and customers and have a proven record of successful return to work outcomes. 




  • An injured worker can choose their own rehabilitation provider

  • An employer can request the engagement of NCIM

  • Doctors and health professionals can refer directly to NCIM



“Fiona’s personable approach sets her business apart from other organisations.” | Injured worker

“Thanks to NCIM I have quickly re-entered the workforce and have now been able to move on with my life." | Injured worker. 


Fiona Henderson is the Principal of North Coast Injury Management, which she established in February 2011 after recognising the need for a local rehabilitation provider in the Clarence Valley. Fiona holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Rehabilitation Counselling) and has been assisting people with injury, illness or disability back to work since 1995. 


Fiona has specialised in workplace rehabilitation programs and services for over 20 years, having provided these in the Grafton, Clarence Valley and surrounding areas since 2006. She has extensive experience managing a range of physical, psychological and complex cases with a proven record of successful return to work outcomes. Fiona engages a range of local professionals, including physiotherapists and occupational therapists, to deliver services according to the needs of the injured worker, customer and specific case. 


Marcia Lusted is a Physiotherapist, Certified Professional Ergonomist and Chartered Safety Professional. She has been working in occupational health and safety and workplace rehabilitation for over 25 years and has worked alongside Fiona since NCIM’s establishment. 

Marcia has been consulting in injury prevention in a wide range of industries including: manufacturing, airline, rail, retail, mining, office,

local government, health and aged care.  

Who Are We?
Our Services


All NCIM services and assessments can be delivered as a single one-off service, or as part of a return to work rehabilitation program.

Our office is located in the Grafton CBD and we cover the wider NSW North Coast region according to customer requirements. Our Grafton based services are particularly cost effective as there are no travel costs incurred for these.


To download the North Coast Injury Management Referral Form please click below:

Referral Form
Contact Us


North Coast Injury Management
P 02 6642 2258  |  M 0400 481 212


PO Box 1651 GRAFTON, NSW 2460
(Interviews are by appointment)

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