Return to Work Programs

NCIM is experienced in delivering return to work programs
for both physical and psychological injuries.

  • Return to Work same employer programs:

    Our focus is on returning injured workers to their pre-injury duties in an efficient, safe and timely manner. We use a personalised approach, with open and honest negotiation with all key parties throughout the process. Programs are tailored to the needs of the individual worker to ensure a positive outcome. NCIM has well established relationships with local employers, doctors and other treating professionals which assists in progressing our programs toward their goal.
  • Return to Work new or different employer programs:

    NCIM will support injured workers to obtain work with a new employer if they are unable to return to their pre-injury workplace. Vocational assessment and counselling, retraining, work trials and jobseeking skills training are some of the strategies used by NCIM. We identify realistic and appropriate job goals based on a thorough knowledge of the injured worker and the local labour market. NCIM’s local employer and community networks are utilised to assist injured workers back to work.

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